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ZAP Projects is your specialized partner for all activities related to heavy and oversize transport and project logistics in general. We place great emphasis on individual transport services by road, inland waterways or sea, rail and air routes.

We lead the customer and coordinate complex projects that require planning, experience and know-how.

We will guide the customer through the project completely, recommend solutions, handle the planning and the entire project and a full range of integrated transport sector management services to successfully deliver the cargo associated with the customer’s project in the right sequence, on time and in full.

As such, logistics forms the backbone of world trade and plays a vital role in all aspects of competition. With this in mind, combined with our specialization and acquired experience, our ambition is to make ZAP Projects a clear and significant player in the logistics industry.
With the right logistics strategy, connections and best shipment route, we enable our clients to achieve their desired competitiveness and business growth.

The needs and goals of our customers are at the heart of the entire transport project. In an increasingly unpredictable, volatile and complex world, where pressure on price mixes with the demand for quality and speed of delivery, we provide our customers with a stable partner they can rely on at all times.

We continuously monitor trends, innovative processes or individual improvements in supply chains and put them into practice.

As logistics experts we understand that the right and most appropriate solutions for ever-evolving supply chains are one of the key enablers of our customers’ business success.

Based on our extensive international expertise, know-how and forward-thinking attitude, we pay the utmost attention to creating strong, long-term partnerships with our customers.

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