Administrative support for the transport od heavy and oversized loads

Applying for an oversize & heavy cargo permit often involves unforeseen bureaucratic hurdles, time and administrative burdens.

ZAP Projects will process permits for you in all European countries, saving you time and allowing you to focus on the core activities of your business. Based on the dimensions of the load and the overall dimensions of the loaded transport equipment, you will receive reliable up-front information about the authorities’ requirements for escort vehicles, information about the possibility of transport schedule, data on the current dates of route closures and any other restrictions that may arise due to the nature of abnormal transport.
We will advise you on the selection of suitable transport equipment for your cargo, provide information on the maximum validity period of the permit and recommend the best timing for your transport project. We will ensure timely and reliable processing of the transport route permit for your cargo.

We will arrange for the assistance of escort vehicles, police and other forces necessary to carry out your transport. We will also provide a professional assessment of the statics of the bridge structures on the transport route and take care of all necessary measures related to the transportability of the cargo.

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