Road Surveys

ZAP Projects has many years of experience in oversize and heavy transport and is therefore able to offer road surveys. Our team consists of highly skilled personnel who deal with route location on a daily basis.

Our offer of services includes:

  • road surveys, including the identification of possible interchange points, transshipment points and routes, as well as critical points and bridges on the transport route itself. The surveys also include the production of CAD drawings indicating necessary modifications to the public routes and internal access roads of the sites at the loading and unloading points.
  • Identification of critical bridge structures and estimation of costs associated with their inspection – calculation of the bridge statics and possible additional measures related to the load-bearing capacity and strengthening of bridge structures for the passage of heavy transports.
  • Management and supervision of structural surveys, load tests, sample analyses and other operations that need to be carried out on bridge structures in poor condition.
  • Project drawings and graphical representation of cartographic data.
  • Economic evaluations and detailed metric calculations for construction modifications and reconstructions necessary to accommodate emergency measures and conditions to the delineated traffic routes.
  • Evaluation of the affected private land on cadastral maps, including estimated economic impacts based on the area taken and the duration of temporary occupation. Ability to negotiate lease agreements with landowners on behalf of the customer.
  • Completion of permitting, preliminary design adjustments, project design, work management, HSE management and implementation of construction adjustments with subcontractors, including restoration of areas after hauling.
  • Obtaining all necessary permits and authorizations required to carry out the transport.
  • Coordination – overseeing the entire transport process and coordination of security.

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