Oversize and heavy transport

We offer and arrange all types of extra-large transport.

From common, light oversize loads using simpler types of trailers, to the most complex, largest and heaviest loads and investment units using special transport equipment.

Whether it’s a single truck or a convoy, we’ll prepare the way for your cargo through busy city traffic, the narrowest roads and curves, all the way to the most remote areas of the world.

With many years of experience in the arranging and planning of oversize and heavy transport, we carry out transports on pre-checked routes. Our specialists not only focus on defining and planning the passage of individual oversize transports, but especially on the specification and technical handling of individual steps related to the transportability along the established route, such as negotiating adjustments to the routes to enable passage, assisting power and other companies for the dismantling or lifting & shutting of individual cable lines, installation and dismantling of traffic signs, through to the solution of passage through structures, tree and vegetation surgery, provision of bridge assessments, static calculations and individual measures, to individual solutions to the many other, unexpected challenges that may arise from the nature of these transports.

We obtain all necessary permits and coordinate the flow of information between customers, service providers, local authorities and departments.

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