River transport

We offer river transport on navigable streams, river ways and canals within Europe, which we use extensively, especially as an economically viable and often the only technically feasible transport route to the final consignees of the shipment, as well as to the transshipment points of sea ports for import or export.

We have established long-standing cooperation with the most important and best equipped European companies that operate their own motor boats, push boats and tug boats, and provide quality technical equipment and experienced personnel.

Where the situation and safety requires it, we will provide technical activities related to securing, fixing the shipment in the vessel and distributing the cargo load on board.

We will search for the nearest possible and economically viable river connection, including any vessel-to-vessel transfers or ballast cargo arrangements, if the route and nature of the cargo requires it from a technical transportability perspective.

We make a cargo plan for placing the shipment in the vessel.

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