Warehousing has become an integral part of global project logistics on a bespoke basis. This demand arises both in the country of origin and in the country of destination.

Temporary warehousing often makes strong logistical and economic sense because it offers greater agility in securing and handling orders under time pressure. From a logistically advantageous storage position, it is possible to ensure better flexibility with regard to the required loading, unloading and delivery dates, and it is also possible to better absorb potential project shifts due to individual factors such as production delays, inclement weather, customer inability to accept goods, etc., without jeopardising the company’s own production and storage capacities needed for smooth operation.

In the field of warehouse logistics, ZAP Projects works with reliable and experienced warehouse experts who provide various types of warehouses in different countries, including locations at important transport hubs such as sea and river ports and others.

Our experts work closely with customers to design storage options and requirements for each cargo type.

Temporary storage is ideally carried out close to ports. There, individual shipment volumes are accumulated and delivered together to the consignee or to individual transport links, either in a single batch or in partial shipments, depending on the assembly sequence.

In this context consolidation of shipments not only provides the best possible interface control, but also considerable cost savings, for example, by combining different packages in a container or as normal cargo by the conventional charter method.

In the country of delivery temporary storage is often organised along the route between the final sea or river port and the place of unloading. The cargo is stored in a secure area and the individual parts and pieces of the shipment are delivered in a short time and continuously according to the recipient’s requirements and needs.

After the arrival of the sea vessel at the final port of discharge, the cargo can be transported directly to the warehouse to avoid high storage and hold-up/retention costs. The usually longer-term procedure of import customs clearance with possible direct customs control can also often be carried out in a temporary storage facility.

In case of a construction area, close coordination is ensured between the assembly team on site and the warehouse team so that the sequences of individual parts of the shipment follow the assembly work, i.e., so that the assembly can be carried out according to the customer’s wishes.

An official cargo inspection or package/material inspection can be carried out at any time after registration on the neutral ground of the storage area.

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